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The adoption of Cloud Native and distributed systems needs high-quality and highly-focused observability.

This track focuses on how observability can help take stock of the overall health of systems, teams and solutions–using the right tools, processes and metrics. (This is where we also see how to avoid unnecessary 3AM alerts).


If ‘Every Company Is A Software Company’, then being a reliable company comes down to having reliable software. So, how do you keep things running?

This track will explore resource consumption, capacity planning, maximising service availability and reducing the impact of failure on customers and teams.


Successful software development needs flow of new feature work, flow from team to team, and flow from business vision to engineering strategy. Developer Experience (DevEx) fosters that flow.

This track explores approaches to DevEx, how to convince clients to invest in DevEx, platforms and other ways to get work to flow.


Having independently deployable components that can be updated without downtime and scaled to support millions of customers comes at the cost of having broader attack surfaces.

This track explores integrating security into the rapid-release cycles of modern software application development and delivery, and what happens to security with a large and complex systems.