Our WTF is SRE? 2023 CFP (Call For Papers/Call For Proposals) is open! We’re ready for thoughts, hot takes, disagreements, and talks that change industries, hearts and minds.

WTF is SRE? 2023 3-5 May
In London

We’ve got 4 tracks (Well, 5): Observability, Reliability and DevSecOps. And welcome to our newbie: DevEx (Developer Experience) and the Open track.

Try to stay on theme, but if you’re a rule-breaker, send us your proposal anyway. Even if it’s a bit off topic, you never know. ;)

Check out the tracks and some ideas for talks:


• Monitoring distributed systems
• Tracing failures through a distributed system
• Alerting/visualisation
• Analytics
• Adopting SRE, monitoring SLIs, agreeing on SLOs and SLAs
• Error budget like a pro
• Shipping operable and observable services
• On-call culture
• Learning from Failure / Effective postmortems
• How to adopt a blameless culture?
• Observability and maintainity sanity on Multicloud
• What’s the difference between Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud?


• Run time, how do you manage security patches?
• How do you reduce the attack surface?
• Network security in the Cloud
• What happens to security when you have large and complex systems?•Threat models in the time of Cloud Computing
• Runtime security monitoring
• Compliance in the Cloud Native space
• DevSecOps on Multicloud systems
• How do you manage Security in a Multicloud environment?
• Open Source security monitoring tools


• How do you reduce the impact of failures on customers?
• How do you maximise service availability?
• What's the effect of Multicloud on reliability?
• High availability
• How can chaos engineering help reliability?
• Auto-scaling
• Is 5 9s (99.999%) really viable?
• Making Edge computing reliable
• Safety Science – what can we learn from other industries?
• Testing for reliability
• What is a DoomsDay scenario for reliability in the cloud, and can you build a bunker to survive?
• Disaster talk???
• Reliability Statistics (What do the Numbers Mean?!)
• How do automations serve reliability?


• Why is DevEx so hard to get right ?
• Where is the value of DevEx really?
• Is an IDP the silver bullet for the DevEx Monster?
• CI/CD and Release Engineering
• Platforms and engineers' cognitive load
• HumanOps – human aspects of designing high availability systems.

We also have an Open Track!

Here, you can submit talks you’ve never heard before! This your chance to get extra creative, invested, personal... think of it as your tech soapbox ;)

Share your proposals on Company Culture, Team Resiliency, Environment / Green Software / Sustainability and any other topic that might benefit the greater Tech Community.

Deadline for submission was 13 January 2023

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